Versatile Writer

Common blogger advice in the net-world is to find your niche and look for freelance writing work only in that area.  Well, my common sense advice is to not limit yourself to only one area, especially if you are curious and love to research different topics, or if you are an expert at a few things.  Choose a niche or two you like writing in, but never be afraid to venture outside the box.

Why would I, someone who loves to research and write, and who worked as a paralegal for many years investigating and writing about cases, want to stick myself in a niche box? This just does not make sense to me.

So, I offer my skill as a non-niche writer, or someone who thrives on versatility.  In other words, maybe you need a writer to compose an article or a blog post, to edit legal or business documents, or to develop and/or manage a newsletter. Or, perhaps you need someone to write a short story for a publication, or a ghostwriter to commit your imagination onto paper.  You might even need a writer who is unfamiliar with a topic who can do the research and offer a fresh perspective.

Well, I can do all those things because I have done them at various times in my life.

If what I do interests you, I am available for the following types of projects:

  • Writing, ghostwriting, and editing nonfiction
  • Developing, editing and managing newsletters
  • Blogging on a variety of subjects
  • Proofreading and copy editing fiction and nonfiction
  • Writing short stories and other types of fiction
  • Researching and writing on a variety of subjects
  • Event Posters/Flyers

Please use the form below to contact me.