UPDATE June 2017: I am working with the Redwood Writers PR Team to promote the club being at the Sonoma County Fair in August. I have written a press release, and I have revised a promotional trifold phamplet for public circulation. 

I am also working with Anderson Marsh Interpretive Association to create the event poster for the Bluegrass Music and Arts Festival in September.  A graphic of this will be forthcoming.

I am currently a staff writer for the REAP Record, a quarterly newsletter for the Redwood Empire Association of Paralegals.  I enjoy writing these articles because they are a great way to share what I have learned, and continue to learn,  as a paralegal. One of my articles will be published in the summer edition of the Bar Journal, a publication for attorneys. 

I was editor of the Redwood Writer, a  newsletter for the Redwood Writers Club, from June 2012 through April 2014.  The template I created for these newsletters was used up until recently.   Below are links to some of my favorite Redwood Writer newsletters during my tenure as editor.

August 2012 Redwood Writer
December 2012 Redwood Writer
April 2013 Redwood Writer
September 2013 Redwood Writer
January 2014 Redwood Writer
April 2014 Redwood Writer


Stories are meant to engage us and to provide temporary escape from the real world. I remember many a stormy night when I became so immersed in a Stephen King thriller that I forgot to be scared, or so intrigued by a Lillian Jackson Braun “Cat Who” mystery that I forgot about necessary chores. 

For me, writing stories is a similar escape, except the characters and situations are my creation. Those characters come from somewhere deep within me, whether the situations are derived from real-life or come from somewhere inside my active imagination.  I love writing a good story as much as I love reading one.   

The colorful boxes below are teaser pitches for my published stories.  These, along with my unpublished works, will eventually become part of a short story collection. Click on each image to download story excerpts.               The Softball Crush

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