I have had this blog for about two years now,and I honestly thought few people read it- maybe my writer friends, Don, some family members. After all, I am not a well known novelist or someone who has accomplished great things that make people stop and say, “Ooooh, Aaaahhh.” But, today I believe someone from work dropped a subtle hint that she has seen my blog. Now, the questions come barging through! Does she read it? Has she shared it with other coworkers? What does she think? What do they think? I can hear you asking, “Why do you care?” My answer is, “I care about what they think because I care about them.” I work with some really neat people. What more could a girl ask for?

Which brings me to the New Year. I have decided not to make any resolutions, because I end up getting sidetracked, or I simply choose not to follow through. But, if I decide on the spur of the moment to do something, such as taking knitting up after a 20 year dead spell, or I decide to write a story today, then I will follow through. I am just not good at keeping lists, or trying to decide what I want to do in the next year. All I want is to be a better person, to show compassion, and to have a great time at life.

Our Christmas was wonderful this year- we spent it with Don’s family. I had not made yeast bread since I was a teenager, maybe even a young adult. But, I made a loaf of bread, cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls. Everybody at the dinner said the rolls were wonderful. If Mother were alive today, she would be proud of me!

It seems strange that it will be 2009 in a little over 24 hours. When I was a kid, 2000 seemed so far away that it gave me chills just thinking about it. I recall being ten years old and figuring out that in the year 2000 I would be 39 years old. Now, it’s almost 2009, and I will turn 48 in November. In the year 2020 I will turn 59…I think. Kind of eerie, if you ask me.

I have been writing, but not as much as I would like. I submitted a memoir to the California Writer’s Club annual anthology, but I have not heard back yet. I just completed a short story and need to find a market for it. As for my novel, I have put editing on the back burner. Sometimes I wonder if I am a better short story writer than a novelist. I don’t know. All I know is that I love to write.

I wish a happy and safe new year to all. See you next year.

2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Hi Susan! Don’t you feel just a twinge of panic when you realize people at work are reading? I do. 🙂How’s the knitting coming along? I’d put my needles away for the past year and have been feeling the itch to pick ’em up again.And, I do need new dishcloths!Happy New Year! Best wishes to you.


  2. Hi Cindy,Yeah…what do those coworkers think? A few have asked how my novel is coming along– I just tell ’em, “Great, and you’re all characters in it.”The knitting is coming along pretty well. I was almost done with sweaters two different times, too them apart, and now I’m on try number three…and I LIKE it! Maybe I’ll take a picture when I’m done and show it off. Good luck on those dishcloths. Happy New Year to you too…it’s always a pleasure to see you over at the WD board!


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