Family and Friends

Don and I have been busy with family events this last month. A few weeks ago, we drove to Paradise, California for his cousin’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Once we reached Paradise, we were shocked at the devastation of the fires from earlier in the year. Many people lost their homes.

Don’s family is quite a large crowd spread throughout California, and they all try to keep in touch with one another. Thus, while many of the Sonoma County family had traveled to attend the party, so had family and friends from other areas. The evening was filled with music, laughter and a lot of dancing. Don’s cousin, Betty, is married to Louie, who has made his living playing Saxophone. Louie was on stage quite a bit with the band, even at one time playing two Saxes, one out of each side of his mouth. Don even joined and played his mandolin, and piped in with a few songs of his own.

This last weekend, Don’s nephew, Brandon, got married. Brandon’s mother, Shari, officiated the ceremony. Brandon was a handsome groom, and Carolina’s could not have been more radiant. The ceremony was beautiful, and the dinner and dancing afterward a blast! Since both Brandon and Carolina are young, I expected some current rock and roll at the dance. Instead, we danced the night away to 70’s and 80’s music where one song blended right into another!! I was pleasantly surprised when Staying Alive blared from the speakers, as the Bee Gees was one of my favorite bands when I was younger.

On the writing front, these last few weeks I have been making excuses not to sit down and write. No, I don’t have what is commonly known as writer’s block. Not a bit. I am just finding other things to do instead of writing. Okay, the last six days I have had that awful cold/cough thing that has been going around. Today was the worst. When I called into work today, the first thing the receptionist said was, “Uh, oh, it got you didn’t you?” Yep, the bug got me full force today. But, after sleeping it off and taking the cough medicine the doctor prescribed, this evening I can truly report the worst is over.

This weekend, I am off to see Grandpa. I told Grandpa lunch is on me- he picks, I pay. I have no doubt he will chose Taco Bell, his favorite place. Don is gone to LA during this week for some gigs and then to Phoenix for the Folk Alliance Annual Conference. His band, The Hot Frittatas, will be the main showcase this year.

I really do plan to get some writing done now that I am feeling better. Actually, the around five hundred words that I am writing now count as writing. Thus, I have found writing more important than the something else I have been replacing writing with- if that makes sense.

Happy writing all!