After Vacation

In my last entry, I wrote that I was going on vacation. I enjoyed the time I spent with my cousin, Tammy, and being present during her graduation for her Master’s Degree. I also spent time with my uncle and many cousins and their significant others, as well as second cousins! For me, it’s always great to visit with family and learn more about where I come from. Family is a reminder of how precious life really is.

I spent the rest of the week at home. I had grand plans for doing work around the house, of accomplishing great tasks that I did not otherwise have time for. As it turned out, I did not take any of those big projects on. In fact, I was quite lazy and found myself being a couch potato and snuggling with my white and gray tabby, Buddy ask Budster. Once I couldn’t take the daily lethargy anymore, I went to the gym and went on a cardio blast to get my frozen blood circulating.

My greatest accomplishment during vacation is that I found plenty of time to write. I have been writing a novel about an adult who finds out was abducted as a small child. It’s an interesting journey allowing my mind to run with the story, to bring my character alive within myself, to realize that, while I create the story, the characters create themselves.

2 thoughts on “After Vacation

  1. Hi Susan — Just saw your post over at the Writer’s Forum — my first time there — and saw your signature and want to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts here on the blog.I’ve bookmarked it and will be back to read more — but you do have me thinking about expanding my own blogging to include something about my writer’s life.Thanks.


  2. Hi Ron: Thank you so much! I really like the Writer’s Digest Forum, and all of the lively interaction. It really is a good group over there. Good luck on your blogging too. I enjoy writing about writing at my blog, but also including my real life too. After all, it is all interwined, isn’t it….?I hope to read your posts over at the Writer’s Digest forum.


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